Why do you need a CDP if you already have a CRM? Explore the unlimited abilities of CDP

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What makes Meiro CDP unique?

If you’ve done your research, you’d know that not all customer data platforms are created equally. Meiro is a second generation, purpose-built, full-stack CDP. And we really mean full stack—1st party data collector, data integration layer, smart data model, data delivery module, and segmentation app for business users. All designed to integrate into your native IT environment.

Be the first to 1st party.

Recent privacy changes have nearly outlawed 3rd party data, which makes collecting 1st-party data on webs and apps a necessity for brands. Meiro Events is a product we’ve developed in response, as the first layer of our CDP stack that collects data persistently over time with 100% quality.

The safest place for your data is everywhere.

Meiro CDP is location-agnostic – it comes to your data no matter where: on premise or in the cloud. And it’s still always safe – with strict security frameworks preventing any loss of your valuable data.

Select the right customers with the right data.

It all starts here. You don’t need 26 views of a customer in every tool. You need one. One that is updated in real time and contains data from all main company touchpoints. This allows you to segment, target, and personalize on the fly.

Sharper data yields sharper insights

Everything you need to know about a customer in one single view. Without having to shuffle between 26 instead. Real-time updated data from every company touchpoint allows you to segment, target, personalize, and get results.

Data availability